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All of the standard buildings up to 14x40 are available for rent-to-own. Special orders may require a cash purchase.
If the customer intends to alter the building with construction or painting it will need to be a cash purchase. 

A building purchased from inventory will take 3-7 days to deliver. If the building purchased has to be manufactured it will be 3-4 weeks.  Weather conditions and the demand of the season can alter delivery times.

The only requirement is a level location. Our buildings are designed to rest directly on their skids. In order to level the building we use treated wood blocks.

If you would like to have your building on concrete blocks, we only require that you provide the blocks.
We do not level buildings more than 36" out of level.

A vertical space of 14', measured from the ground to the top of the building when it is on the trailer, is required. Be sure to take any tree branches and utility wires into account. The driver will still need a minimum of 2' of space to maneuver the truck. That is, a building 12' wide will require a 14 foot wide space. Please take tight turns into account when considering a location.

We can build any size building between 8x12 and 14x40 as long as it is in increments of 2'. Therefore, sizes that are not listed on the price list can be built. Some hauling restrictions may apply on larger sizes.

We are limited by hauling regulations as to how wide a building we can deliver. The current regulation is 12'.
For this reason, 12- wide buildings are measured from eave to eave. Our 8' and 10' wide buildings are measured from wall to wall.

You should enjoy many years of maintenance free storage. All of our treated buildings are stained at no extra charge.
You may need to retreat on 3-4 years or as desired. Painted buildings will need repainted as desired.

You are responsible for contacting your local city and county agencies in regard to zoning, permits, setbacks, and covenants. Also, it is recommended that you contact your Home Owners Association (if applicable) to determine what neighborhood rules and regulations may be apply.

We guarantee our buildings to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of five years. All exposed pressure treated wood has a lifetime limited manufacturer warranty against termites and fungal decay. Painted treated siding has a LP SmartSide® 50-year warranty against decay, termites and delamination.

LP SmartSide® siding is specifically designed for exterior applications, giving your portable building the unmatched look of cedar with the exceptional durability of engineered wood. LP SmartSide® siding is treated and protected by LP's patented SmartGuard process to help resist decay, fungi and termites in even the harshest conditions. It looks beautiful, works beautifully, and is backed by one of the best warranties in the industry. Learn more at www.lpcorp.com.

Athens Barn Center has several factory locations depending on the product. Currently our Painted and Metal Buildings come from our Cartersville, GA facility; Treated T1-11 Buildings come from Belvidere, TN facility; Custom structures (Run in Sheds, Large Garages, etc) come out of our Oak Grove, KY facility.


The majority of components utilized in our frames are made of 2 1/4" by 2 1/4" galvanized steel tubing for 12 gauge buildings and 2 1/2" by 2 1/2" for 14 gauge buildings.

For most of our carports and garages, the standard sizes are listed below. However, if these standard sizes are not suitable for you, please call us and we will try to accommodate your needs!

12 x 2112 x 2612 x 3112 x 3612 x 41
18 x 2118 x 2618 x 3118 x 3618 x 41
20 x 2120 x 2620 x 3120 x 3620 x 41
22 x 2122 x 2622 x 3122 x 3622 x 41
24 x 2124 x 2624 x 3124 x 3624 x 41
26 x 2126 x 2626 x 3126 x 3626 x 41
28 x 2128 x 2628 x 3128 x 3628 x 41
30 x 2130 x 2630 x 3130 x 3630 x 41


here are three anchoring types. If the structure were to be mounted to a concrete pad or footing, then traditional concrete wedge anchors would be used. We offer a 30 inch re-bar anchor that is intended for use when a structure is mounted directly to dirt or gravel surface. On our certified buildings, a helical mobile home anchor is used. On non-certified structures, these can be purchased as an optional item.

The majority of our installations are completed in 2-4 weeks!

The tallest legs that can be ordered are 12 feet. Anything taller than 12 feet can be ordered using our RV Cover system. Our installation professionals are equipped with the tools to to handle installations of up to 12 feet. Anything beyond 12 feet will require a lift at the expense of the customer.

Insure that the site designated for product installation is a flat and square surface. In order to provide you with affordable products, with quick installation, site preparation, as well as building permits, are the responsibility of the customer. The customer is responsible for any local permits, covenant searches, rights of way, set-back restrictions, etc.

As displayed on our carport and garage sections of the website, the ridges of the steel panels in a horizontal roof run parallel to the sides and ridge of the carport or garage. Water, snow, etc., will drain to the front and back of the building, towards the door openings. If the building is perfectly level, water will ten to pond on a horizontally installed roof. On a vertical roof, the ridges of the steel panels run from the top of the carport or garage to the sides. This roof configuration displaces water, snow, etc., much more efficiently and water will not pond on the roof. Water will also drain away from the door openings (unless the doors are installed on the sides of the carports or garages).

As a general rule, the spacing of the frame legs/bows are 4 feet or 5 feet on center.

The chart below will allow you to calculate this measurement. For example, if the carport / garage is a Standard Style Double unit, 20 feet wide with 7 feet legs, add 3' 0" to the 7 feet leg height for a total height of 10'.

WidthStandard Style Double
Boxed Eave and Vertical Roof 
12'2' 6"2' 0"
18'3' 0"2' 6"
20'3' 0"2' 6"
22'3' 3"2' 9"
24'3' 6"3' 0"
26'4' 0"3' 6"
28'4' 3"3' 9"
30'4' 6"4' 0"


If installing garage door centered on the end (width of building) the leg height can be the same height as the garage door. If installing two garage doors on the end (depending on width of building) the legs need to be 1 foot taller than the doors. If installing a garage door on the side (length of building) the legs need to be I foot taller than the door


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