Horse Barn Installation 36x31x12x8

36x31x12x8 Horse Barn
(Estimated Price at Time of Build $12,500)

Athens Barn Center offer turn key packages with our All Steel Structures as you see above. With great partners we schedule excavating and concrete services to give your new structure the best foundation it possible.

Typical Workflow:

  • Building Quote
  • Site Survey
  • Quote for Excavating and Concrete
  • Deposit on Job
  • Excavating
  • Concrete
  • Build Out
  • Balance Due for Structure

Build out time depends on the structure, but generally it is completed the same day it is started.
If you are taking the responsibility of preparing the site and foundation, we ask that it be within 3" of Level and pad should be in square.

Please note that all length measurements include the roof line and framework is 1' shorter than listed. ( Example: 31' is actually 30')

* Prices subject to change 

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